Technology Research & UI Prototyping

Research & Development

One of the biggest challenges faced by both start-up and established companies is the long lead time to transform an idea into a reality. Totient’s R & D services help clients rapidly convert their concepts into fully functional products in a fraction of the time it would take to build the same products in-house. It has become more important for any startup/established firm to undertake a thorough research on an appropriate technology, platform or features before committing any huge investments. Totient’s experience and maturity can help you make the right choices by using one or more of the following offerings:

UI Prototyping Services
It is a better idea to build a UI Prototype and get investor feedbacks or paying customers, before really starting with full scale product development. Totient work with firms in their early product stages and help them achieve their first customer or get funding, by building professional UI prototypes.

Mockups & Wireframes
A wireframe is a low fidelity representation of a design. It will clearly show the main groups of content,the structure of information and a description and basic visualisation of the user – interface interaction. Wireframes are not just meaningless sets of grey boxes, though they may look exactly like that. Wireframes are considered as the backbone of your design and representation of every important piece of the final product.

A mockup is a static design representation of the proposed project/product. Mostly a mockup is a visual design draft, or even the actual visual design. A well created mockup: represents the structure of information, visualises the content and demonstrates the basic functionalities in a static way and also encourages people to actually review the visual side of the project.

Totient offers Wireframe and mockup services as a first step to convert your business ideas to reality. Totient's highly skilled Product Managers and UX engineers work with you to provide wireframes and mockups which exatly represent your business idea and more.

Proof of Concept (POC)
At times, before going to investors & potential customers, companies might want to have a running POC of the idea that they are trying to build, in order to impress your investors even more. This phase helps companies identify any future technical risks and plan their work around.

Technology & Platform Research
Choosing the right technology or a suitable framework is key to building a winning software product. Totient’s dedicated Technology Specialists consisting of technology gurus with rich experience can help you choose the right framework and technologies sets and help make the right start.

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