Product Development & Customization

We understand that product development requires a different perspective than custom application development and thus it requires altogether a different mindset. Our mature processes, experienced engineers with a product mindset are perfectly suited to meet the challenges of any product evolution within budgets and the planned business timelines. We work closely with our clients in an integrated model thus bringing transparency, accountability and visibility to the development efforts.

Our Product Development Offerings Totient offers product engineering services for all stages of the software product development lifecycle, from product conceptualization to product extensions. Our core focus areas and capabilities in product engineering include the following:

Product Conceptualization & Development

  • Performing product research and conceptualization
  • Identifying and designing key features
  • Selecting an architecture design & platform
  • Adopting an appropriate development strategy
  • Providing UI prototyping and technology POCs

Product Extensions
  • Identifying and quickly extending product functionality
  • Extending product design and scope for cross-platform integration
  • Extending product for web and smart devices

Product Customization & Implementation
  • Integrating and customizing products to meet the end user's requirements
  • Installing the product at an end user's site
  • Training the end user on essential product skills
  • Reinforcing product best practice
  • Resolving any technical issues

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